The below idealized VMS diagram shows the position of the exhalites that accompany VMS deposits.  This can be banded jasper (“Jaspillite”), or Jasperoid beds.

Idealized VMS deposit

Aquifer-hosted Jasperoid beds

Although not a VMS deposit, the Magma Mine was a massive sulfide mine, and jasperoid beds were mined up-dip from the sulfide ore for 50 years there at an average grade of .5 opt Au at the LS&A mine.  Jasperoid beds were also mined extensively for gold near Wenatchee, Washington.

The many large outcrops of Jasperoid beds at the Molly Marie Prospect are shown in the Ore Genesis Section.  As mentioned there, 2 chip samples of Jasperoid at the Molly Marie ran .02 opt Au.  Often, the jasperoid beds are bordered by epidote altered arkose.

Jasperoid Beds, Superior, AZ

Banded Jasper or “Jaspillite”

Like Black Chlorite, Jaspillite is exclusively found near VMS deposits, with one exception, the iron mines of Minnesota.  Jaspillite was found at Jerome, AZ at the huge VMS deposit that was mined there.  Although not found in abundance on the Prospect, many pieces can be found.  Due to its brecciated texture, it was deposited at a hot spring.  The large piece below was discovered mostly buried and was found near an area maybe 200′ x 200′ where the “desert varnish” is missing and all plants are growing on dirt with few rocks or stones.  What is suggested here is that there was a lot more Jaspillite in the area and it was  removed by man.

Jaspillite Breccia

Below is a piece of sawn Jaspillite that was found at the Molly Marie.

Sawn Jaspillite Breccia