Considering the evidence presented within, the Molly Marie Prospect is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery on so many levels.  Likewise, an opportunity to share in developing a property of this quality will never come again.

The Molly Marie Prospect may or may not ever be a high-tonnage operation, but it does not need to be………….. it will accomplish great returns with ore grade alone.   There is the potential for the Prospect to be a large low grade high-sulfidation gold and/or a base metals mine someday, but a small footprint, low capital, fabulous return on investment is what it is now.

It is foreseen that the Prospect will be mined by shallow underground means. Like Goldfield, the best bonanza supergene gold ore at the Prospect was within 50 feet of the surface, and much has been removed.  However, much supergene ore may remain under basalt and elsewhere where it was missed by Spanish and Mexican miners.  At the Mormon Stope, great hypogene ore Au grade continued to a depth of 200 feet, and the same would be expected at the Prospect, but in magnitudes-greater volume.

The expected bonanza grade and high-grade ore would be shipped off-site initially, or possibly the entire life-cycle of the gold ore.  High-grade  would make this possible.  Development waste would be used for backfill, so there would be no permanent waste dumps.

Two high voltage power lines already cross the Prospect, and it is about 600 yards from the property to a State Highway.

There is a great amount of information about the property that has not been included within;  please contact me for further details.


Dan Welch