The Molly Marie Prospect is a group of 20 contiguous mining claims located in Maricopa County, Arizona.  This website describes the exceptional geologic features of the Prospect that include a cluster of gold-rich VMS ore deposits located in a previously unrecognized submarine caldera.

Accompanying these deposits, that once outcropped, is what has eluded so many for so long:  a “missing” gold mining district (the famed Peralta Mines).  The missing mines have been the basis for endless speculation, twisted tales, and few facts.  The location of the mines has been commonly thought to be deep inside the Superstition Wilderness area, but it’s just outside its boundaries, and the ore is a type no one suspected; the ore of gold-rich Volcanogenic Massive Sulfides.

The infrastructure of  the historic district and the potential for great wealth left to be unearthed is shown within.

After 14 years of study and fieldwork, there is now enough evidence to present the mines that used to be, and where new mines could be.

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(cover photo is a view of the Superstition Mountains from the southern end of the Molly Marie Prospect)